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Top 10 Nail Trends In 2023

2022 was the year of press on nails, leaving many quality-seeking enthusiasts with issues regarding quality, comfort, fit, and style.

In 2023, high-quality handmade press on nails will become the new trend, especially for those who want a refined nail art experience or are restricted by their profession. High-end personalized press on nails will be highly sought after with a unique design to distinguish themselves from machine-made nails.

Airbrush Nails

CLS003 MIEAP press on nail classic collection-Classic White Ombre Nail SetPhoto: @409846769 (Xiaohongshu)

In the past few years, airbrush nail art has gained popularity due to its exquisite effects and long-lasting quality. Whether for special occasions or everyday life, airbrushing can bring more change and possibilities to your nails. Whether you're looking for soft gradient effects or vibrant color combinations, airbrushing can satisfy your needs.

Chrome Powder Nails 

CLS008 MIEAP press on nail classic collection-French Tip Chrome Powder Nail SetPhoto: @AOMIKIX (Xiaohongshu)

Chrome Powder Nails bring an extraordinary virtual reality feeling to your nails with its smooth and dimensional metallic color. When combined with classic French manicure, your nails exude a metallic texture that is both unique and exquisite. The trend of Chrome Powder Nails continues to soar and will gain even more momentum in 2023.

DES005 MIEAP press on nail design collection-Chrome Powder Modeling Nail SetPhoto: @429729027 (Xiaohongshu)

Complex Hand-Painted Nails

LUS015 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-Colorful Graffiti Nail SetPhoto: @111238588 (Xiaohongshu)

A unique way to showcase your creativity on your nails. From intricate flowers to bold abstract designs, the possibilities with hand-painted nails are endless. Nail technicians use painting techniques to delicately draw various patterns, motifs, and animals on the nails, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. This nail style is highly personalized and can repeatedly showcase the nail technician's excellent skills.

Floral Carving Nails

LUS013 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-Colorful Flower Nail Set

This intricate and detailed technique involves carving delicate floral designs into the nail surface, creating a stunning three-dimensional effect that is sure to turn heads. Each design is carefully crafted by skilled nail artists, using specialized tools and techniques to achieve the perfect blend of depth and detail.

LUS002 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-Gold Sculpture Flower Nail Set

Floral Carving Nails offer a unique and personalized look that is both elegant and eye-catching, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday look or make a bold statement, Floral Carving Nails are a must-try trend for 2023.

Gradient Nails

LUS003 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-Tortoiseshell Nail SetPhoto: @Cherry nail (Xiaohongshu)

A unique and charming nail style characterized by blending different colors of nail polish together to create a gradient effect. This nail style is suitable for various occasions, ranging from fresh and natural everyday looks to rich and luxurious evening styles. The charm of ombre nails lies in their freedom and artistic quality, as nail artists can use their creativity and skills to create stunning effects based on their clients' needs and preferences. Ombre nails will continue to be a popular trend in the fall and winter of 2023, becoming one of the mainstream fashion nail styles.

3D Nails

LUS018 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-3D Jellyfish Nail SetPhoto: @Cherry nail (Xiaohongshu)

3D nails are a type of nail art that takes nail design to a whole new level. This style is no longer flat, but has a sense of depth and dimension. Nail artists use sculpting and embellishment techniques to carefully present various elements such as jewels, butterflies, and flowers on the nails, making the patterns on the nails three-dimensional and impressive. 3D sculpted nails are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and evening events, as they can highlight a woman's noble temperament and individual charm.

Diamond-Encrusted Nails

LUS012 MIEAP press on nail luxury collection-Super Shining Nail Set

A luxurious and dazzling nail style characterized by embedding various sizes and shapes of diamonds on the nails, making them shine brilliantly under the light. This nail style is suitable for special occasions such as weddings, parties, etc., and can add a sense of luxury and nobility to your overall look.

GLS006 MIEAP press on nail glitter collection-Blue Marquise Rhinestone Nail Set

Creating diamond-encrusted nails requires a certain level of professional skills and meticulous patience from the nail artist, as each diamond must be carefully embedded with precise operation and adjustments. If you want a pair of glamorous and eye-catching nails, diamond-encrusted nails are an excellent choice.

Themed Nails

THS008 MIEAP press on nail theme collection-Christmas Blush Nail Set

A type of nail art that can reflect the festive atmosphere and are perfect for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and other important holidays, as well as for visits to theme parks like Disneyland. Nail artists choose corresponding patterns and colors according to different themes and meticulously present them on the nails, making your nails shine with unique charm. Themed nails not only enhance your personal charm but also allow you to better immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, making your life more colorful and vibrant.

Transformed French Tip Nail

WES009 MIEAP press on nail wedding collection-Rhinestone French Tip Wedding Nail Set

Combines the classic French Tip nail with current aesthetics and trendy elements, showcasing a perfect combination of fashion and individuality. From simple to bold, from color to pattern, the design elements of transformed French Tip are diverse and can be matched and chosen according to different occasions and styles.

Artistic Nail

Chinese Traditional Craft - Blue and white porcelainPhoto: @610549699 (Xiaohongshu)

With the continuous creation of nail artists and the integration of artisanal designs, nail art has gradually surpassed the category of fashion accessories and become a true art form.

Intangible Cultural Heritage - Miao Brocade

Photo: @226573673 (Xiaohongshu)

Intangible Cultural Heritage - Mother-of-PearlPhoto: @226573673 (Xiaohongshu)

Intangible Cultural Heritage - Ancient EmbroideryPhoto: @226573673 (Xiaohongshu)

In the future, nail art will become a medium for artisans to showcase the exquisite modern and traditional craftsmanship.They will use their handmade nail art works to demonstrate their unlimited creativity.Nail art masterpieces will no longer be limited to nail wear, but will become treasures in the collections of many enthusiasts.

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